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Having worked professionally in design, marketing and product roles, I have had the opportunity to wear many different hats and become a jack of all trades. It has been very beneficial when it comes to creating MVPs as it means that I am able to move quickly from task to task with the know-how in each to get shit done!

That's what matters at the end of the day, results!


The no code, or, low code movement is a new way of thinking about the development process and building a tech product.

It is from this movement that No Code Zone was built upon.

Coupled with a few other movements, such as; Company of one, zebra movement, doing things that don't scale, bootstrapping and with the dawn of a new kind of funding for bootstrappers, the possibilities of taking a side project from an idea to reality has been placed at everyones finger tips.
The barriers to entry have been significantly reduced from a tech standpoint. The only barriers left are those of knowledge and motivation.

So the only question left is:

Do you want to to learn how to make your dreams a reality and do you have the motivation to follow through with it?


Looking 2 work (Acquired)

Reversing the job search model. Project was made in 6 hours as part of a 24hr startup challenge.

Extensions Menu (Acquired)

Find the perfect match for your project from over 2,938 domain name extensions.

Haystack News

Predicted news API and premium newsletter.

Problem of the day

A real problem, posted every single day.

8bit Kitchen

Sample sushi from 8 different restaurants per roll.

Import Ant

On demand data mining service with 24hr turnaround.


Name: Colin Winhall
Passion: Shipping products
Personal website:
Maker profile:
Product Hunt:

Hi👋, I'm Colin Winhall. 33, born and raised in Zimbabwe, currently living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Last year I left my fulltime job in tech to pursue the entrepreneurial dream. It's HARD! I made a lot of mistakes, took a lot of wrong turns and wasted a lot of money!

My loss is your gain as I learnt so much from these experiences that I have finally figured out a strategy that works. Since working this out, I have successfully launched 6 projects myself and helped dozens of clients launch theirs.

I am an active member of several maker communities where I am constantly kept on my toes, learning from the best and teaching what I can.

I got involved in entrepreneurship because it's my absolute passion. I live and breathe the bootstrapper mentality and I want nothing more than to help you succeed.


1 on 1 Consultation

€95 per hour

Stuck? Don't know how to get your idea off the ground?

Not sure what your MVP is or how to get to it?


Starting from €2,000

You have a great idea. Now what?

In 7 days I will help you turn your idea in to a Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

Ideation (Getting it down on paper)
Validation (Do people want it?)
Design (Mockups)
Development (No code)
Feedback (Get early adopters)
Marketing (Prepare the machine)
Launch (Get it out there!)

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